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Posted 2018.10.12

What is it?

The LNCM box provides a low-cost platform for lightning transactions, completely open-source and freely available for anyone to use and build with. It is particularly suited to facilitate retail PoS payments, micropayments, IoT with pay-per-use billing models, vending machines, ATMs and countless more.

Why do I care?

Running a box enables individuals to take control of their digital money and gives businesses the ability to offer cashless payments at an incredibly low cost.

LNCM's system is modular and allows customization of both hardware and software components in order to be adapted to any particular scenario. For instance, Bitcoin capabilities can be extended to offer lightning payments on Litecoin without disturbing functionality or the security model.

How does it achieve it's goals?

Documented APIs allow other software to communicate with the system and extend functionality according to individual needs or business requirements. The lightweight and auditable base image significantly reduces maintenance and security issues while containerization enables us to compartmentalize third-party software from each other providing ease of deployment and flexibility in choosing add-ons.

A standardized set of hardware interfaces allow convenient addition of components according to the cost and use case desired in any given application. We support an array of hardware add-ons, such as LCD and e-ink displays and different input methods such as touch-screen or numpad. The in-built WiFi and bluetooth capabilities allow providing a hotspot service while billing with lightning. The addition of a relay board allows controlling and billing for the use of other electronic devices.

The result

An on-board web server let's owners conveniently set up their box, get an overview of the current operating status and a history of their transactions. Any phone, tablet, PC or Mac with a browser is enough to get started. Customers of a venue can even be offered the ability to order and pay for items from the comfort of their seat.

About us

We are very excited to share this technology with the world and hope you will join us on this incredible journey of lightning adoption.

To stay up to date with recent developments, feel free to follow @lncnx on Twitter.

How you can join

We have partnerships with organizations that are eager to adopt the platform and help shape the development of this exciting new technology. For inquiries, please contact us at lncm@protonmail.com or direct message on Twitter.

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