Lightning Network Chiang Mai


About Us

Lightning Network Chiang Mai are a group of cryptocurrency developers and enthusiasts focused on payment channel technology for Bitcoin.

Our aim is to bring about real-world use of lightning by making it easier and cheaper to join the network.

We dream of a world where anyone can transact freely, without excessive fees, censorship, fear of confiscation or loss of privacy.

Join us

We hold regular meetings around Chiang Mai to present and discuss our current projects.

All contributors are welcome to join and all forms of contribution are highly valued, they do not have to be of a technical nature.

Feel free to get in touch via Twitter direct message, or otherwise.

Why Lightning?

The Lightning Network allows payments to be made across the Internet within the blink of an eye.

Payments can be smaller than fractions of a cent thus allowing for fairer billing methods, based on actual usage.

Onion-style routing significantly increases financial privacy of transacting parties and since channel peers pay each other directly using Bitcoin transactions, no third party must be trusted.